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The cost for each plugin is just once per domain or local host and includes sub-domains plus a separate staging/development domain. There are no recurring costs.

The Main Plugin

Pro Extensions

Extensions add extended feature support to Simple File List Pro. They are designed to improve the management of larger, more complex, file lists.

File Access Manager

This extension adds the ability to limit file and list access to only people you choose. Create additional file lists, each with its own settings and user access permissions. Grant access to specific users by file, or grant access to entire lists based on Wordpress users or roles.

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Access Screenshot
  • Lock down your files to prevent direct access.
  • Limit file access to only logged-in users.
  • Create additional file lists for a specific user or a group of users.
  • Create additional file lists for users matching, or with permission greater than, a specific role.
  • Create five types of additional file lists:
    • Restricted Mode
      Restrict access to all of the files by default. Grant access to specific files to specific users.
    • User Mode
      Restrict file list access to a specific Wordpress user.
    • Group Mode
      Restrict file list access to a specified group of Wordpress users.
    • Limited Mode
      Restrict file list access to all except Wordpress users matching a specified role or with a minimum role or higher.
    • Normal Mode
      Do not restrict access. Files are viewable by anyone who can reach the file list page. Files may also be linked-to from outside of your website.
    • Wordpress Admins can always access all files and file lists.
  • For each type of list you can limit these actions by user role; file uploading, front-side file management and the ability to move files to other lists.
  • Set a limit for the maximum size of a file list.
  • Limit the minimum role to be considered when adding users to a list. This helps keep the choices manageable if you have many subscribers.
  • Choose to be notified by email for each file upload.
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Price: $25

Search & Pagination

This extension adds searching and pagination functionality to Simple File List. It is designed to make very large file lists much more manageable. Best for large file lists of similar content, or large folder-based lists.

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Search Screenshot
  • Adds a search bar above the file list.
  • Search by date and/or file name.
  • Searches within sub-folder. (But not above the current folder)
  • Pagination breaks up large file lists into smaller pages.
  • Define the number of files per page in the settings.
  • Show or hide the search bar and/or pagination in the settings.
  • Use shortcode attributes to over-ride the operation as needed:
    [eeSFL search="NO" paged="YES" filecount="25"]
  • Place a search form anywhere on your site. Simply place the file list shortcode you want searched on the permalink:
    [eeSFLS = permalink=""]
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Price: $15

License Registration

The plugin will only activate on a registered domain name, including sub-domains, or if within a local environment if the registered email address matches the Wordpress Admin Email used on your settings page.

The Live Domain must match the domain you activate the plugin on. The plugin will check to see if it is running on this domain, including any sub-domains, and only active if so. You can optionally add a separate domain as a staging domain too. The plugin will activate on both domains. If your website is only assessable locally, choose that option and make sure the email address matches the Wordpress admin email address of your site.

In addition to the registered live domain, you may also include a staging/development domain.
Note that these strings are automatically considered to be staging domains: "localhost", ".local", "development.", or "staging."

Registration Information

This information is used only for general locality-specific functionality. Nothing within this entire order form will be shared with anyone.

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